A Glimpse Into My World

Abundantly Blessed...in so many ways!

The greatest blessings of my life are that I am a wife, mother, grandmother and recently a great grandmother. I have a terrific family who is supportive and encouraging of my artistic and creative endeavors. Bless all of you!

I believe everyone has been born with their own special gifts, talents and abilities. What we do with them is up to each individual. I don't know why, and have often wondered why, I have been blessed with an abundance of abilities, especially creative and artistic ones.

I am passionate about art, and I'm constantly interested in new and exciting techniques and styles. With me, there are no restrictions to what medium I will try. I am only limited by my own imagination! I have been developing my skills in painting, drawing, glass and wire work for close to forty years. I have worked with a wide range of mediums such as acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels, pencils, copper wire weaving, stained glass, wood and now resin. I also sew and quilt and enjoy graphic design.

My creative world is vast and diverse. I always have many projects in various mediums going at one time. The types of projects change based on inspiration. Because of this, you will find a variety of inspired artwork as you browse and explore my shop. Have fun...I know I do!

With Great Enthusiasm,
Kat Tibor